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Recipients of the Oceania Australia Foundation (OAF) 2019 scholarships offered in conjunction with Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC) are preparing to leave their home countries for the first of their two year scholarships to junior college.  Fane Sauvakocolo (Fiji) and Roland Hure (PNG) will be based at Southwestern College in Iowa where they will join Benjamin Aliel (PNG), Albert Miller (Fiji) and Elenani TInai (Fiji) who are completing their second year at the college.  Troy Maivusaroko (Fiji) and Sitivi Sooaemalelagi (Samoa) will attend Lincoln College, Illinois where they will join Roylin Akiwo (Palau) and Tanner Poppe (Guam).

Theo Piniau: Putting Papua New Guinea in the running for recognition

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The application process for 2018 scholarships will commence soon.


Please check back for further details.

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June 2016

An Award Ceremony was held at Fiji House to present our scholarship graduates with Certificates and Pins in recognition of their achievements.  Kevan Gosper, Honorary Chairman, presented the awards.