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The Oceania Australia Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-political organisation located in Australia. The Oceania Australia Foundation conducts its operations with a view to achieving the following ends: 

  • advancing health standards in disadvantaged communities across the Oceania region, with a particular focus on the Pacific Islands;
  • educating disadvantaged communities in basic physiology and the range of health benefits that result from physical activity;
  • educating young people from such disadvantaged communities, including by way of scholarships to overseas universities; 
  • the promotion of leadership and social engagement in the community;
  • encouraging gender diversity at a leadership level in the community; and
  • the general enhancement of community spirit and cohesion in disadvantaged communities.


The Oceania Australia Foundation is committed to securing its objectives. It undertakes a broad range of activities in the furtherance of its mission, including:

  • offering educational programmes promoting health and well-being via participation in physical activity, specifically targeting obesity, diabetes and heart disease;
  • offering educational courses in sports coaching;
  • providing scholarships for overseas study to promising young leaders;
  • helping young people to develop leadership skills and community spirit including by providing them with opportunities to participate in sporting activities; and
  • seeking funding or donations through fundraising events and engagement with State and Commonwealth governments in Australia.