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Positive Sports Coaching is an innovative evidence based way of coaching teams and individuals built around the science of positive psychology.

The program is built around the science of optimism, positive feedback and process praise and has the dual aims of improving performance and promoting wellbeing. 



The Oceania Australia Foundation have partnered with the OSFO and Matt Scholes of Positive Sports Coaching to create a free 30 minute online course that introduces Positive Sports Coaching and the principles of Positive Psychology via education.  

This course teaches coaches how to raise the optimism, resilience and wellbeing of their students to enable them to thrive and reach their potential.

The Oceania Australia Foundation became involved in this Australian initiative to support the development of coaches who are instrumental in encouraging and motivating young people to get involved with community sport.  The Foundation also considers that this program an assist young people beyond sport, to develop resilience and leadership skills which they can use throughout their lives.


Find out more about Positive Sports Coaching by visiting the Positive Sports Coaching Website.